Friday, September 14, 2007

2 Days Before Leaving!!!

Well, I figure I should attempt to get comfortable with the blogging thing before I leave and have a million new concerns:)

I just arrived back home in Libertyville after the last 2 days of driving. It is Friday now, and I leave on Sunday, so its really down to the last minute preparations. Leaving Rochester, and 111 East Ave. was actually quite difficult. It wouldn't be so hard if this wasn't my last year in Rochester. I am happy to be leaving Rochester, but it was really difficult mainly because of my friends. They are definitely what I will miss the most, and look forward to coming back to. I had amazing help moving out of my apartment. And of course we put on quite the party in the empty space as I was moving out. So many people came. We ended up on the roof of the building of course. I think everyone had a great time.

Some scenes from the party:

Becky, me, and Cody

On the roof: Becky, Evan, and Justin

My last obligations in Rochester also included a Wilco cover concert, that Justin and myself organized for the first day of classes in Barrett Place outside Javas.

We performed the first disc of Wilco's 1996 record, "Being There."

The concert was another huge success, especially for not being very well advertised, as we succeeded in drawing quite a crowd essentially closing off Gibbs St. Not a bad note to exit on.

The next 2 days will surely be filled with friend and family time, including a Saturday matinée of "Wicked" and certainly a few amazing meals. Also in the plans is the LHS vs. VHHS homecoming football game tonight. Back to high school, should be fun...

I leave at 4:45pm on Sunday from Chicago O'hare directly to Vienna. I can't wait.

More to come soon, although from another continent next time...

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John Park said...

Oh, what's up Eric. Saw you on Jason Heath's blog... haha interesting...
have fun in Vienna...