Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week One: Complete

I have survived week one. Everything so far has been absolutely amazing. I've settled very easily into my flat; unfortunate, since I will probably be moving in another week. Overall, the week has been very laid back. Aside from a few small necessary errands, the week was filled with a great deal of practicing and lots of exploring. I'll include a few highlights in this post...

I already talked about my building a bit, but here it is from the outside. It is a 'passivhaus,' apparently meaning an extra-energy-efficient building. It has a very curious and modern interior structure. I have a beautiful view, since I am on the 6th floor, AND on a corner, meaning I have 3 windows!

I was at the Universit├Ąt for the first time the other day. My friend Indi (right) from the bass studio showed me and Joyce (left) around a bit. Indi has been very helpful in getting me acclimated and teaching me new words. That has been an adventure all by itself.... The German I have been taught is ABSOLUTELY nothing like the dialect of German they speak here. It has been quite interesting, with people often asking me questions on the street, and me not understanding a single word. Very frustrating. I'm sure I will pick some of it up in time though.

Joyce and I attended a rehearsal of the Wien Philharmoniker the other day at the Musikverein, in hopes of finally meeting our teachers. Oh my God....the Vienna Phil. I have never heard sounds like that before. It was EASILY the best sounding orchestra I have EVER heard. It was absolutely astounding. I am still in shock. I had chills the entire time, as I listened to Danielle Gatti rehearse Beethoven's 6th symphony with them. I did finally meet Herr Posch after the rehearsal, and was given my first lesson time...which will be on October 1st.

Today I went for a long walk through the Augarten, which is a few blocks down from my building. The weather was beautiful, and it was so fun people watching (and listening) in the park. The park is several hundred years old, like most things in this city.

And of course, a park just simply isn't a park without your WWII antiaircraft towers!

These massive structures definitely stood out a little bit...

Look at the tiny people walking at the base.

I have one more week before school starts, so there will certainly be more to come soon...

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Cheryl Steffens said...

Hi Eric,

Great update. Love the photos. Be patient with the language, and keep trying to communicate. It will come. Hope you like your next apartment as much as this first one. Take care,

CS (mom)