Sunday, November 4, 2007

Trip to Wachau

The Erasmus (exchange) students from the University for Music were invited last weekend on a day-trip to the 'Wachau,' a valley along the Danube about an hour west of Vienna. The Landscape here was beautiful. We weren't too lucky with the weather, however. It rained non-stop for the WHOLE day. It was still beautiful, despite the rain and fog.

Our first stop was at the 'Stift-Melk' Monastery. This was a massive Benedictine monastery originally founded in 11th century.

It was too big to capture all of it in pictures, but you can see more pictures and history of Stift Melk here. This is an 800 year old book of Benedictine law.

Our next adventure was a boat cruise down the Danube. Along the way, we stopped in Dürnstein, a famous little town along the river. Richard the Lion-heart of England was held captive in Dürnstein by Leopold V. It is also famous for its apricot liqueur.

As I mentioned, the rain really put a damper on the day. I can only imagine what this area would look like in the sunshine. Here is a video clip from the boat

We had a amazing dinner at a wine-house in another small town called Krems. Here are a few of us erasmus students.

From left to right: Maciek from Poland, Laura from Switzerland, Me from America, Anna-Maria from Finland, Judith from Germany, Imer from Ireland, Karin from Sweden, and Joyce from America.

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