Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The desperate things we do for a good music stand...

The title explains itself....

Ingredients: 1 night stand (turned upside down), one kitchen chair, 1 pillow, one bedsheet, love.

Ingredients: 1 table, 1 chair, one pillow, 3 metronomes, one can of beer.


Peter Kelly said...


Thanks for the cool blog. Your semester sounds awesome.

What is the drum-machine-like thing next to the metronome in the top picture?

Washington DC

Eric Steffens said...

Hey Pete,

Thanks! Can I ask how you found it?

The black device there is a Dr. Beat metronome. Its quite handy for practcing.


pete kelly said...

hi eric

thanks. i will check out the dr. beat. I found your blog through Jason Heath's blog.


Stefan V. S. said...

You have quite the creative mind. I can't think of a better definition for efficency.

I just read through all of this. I'm glad you're having such an incredible experience. I was particularly interested in the private lessons. Are their language barriers at all? Are you speaking all German with Posch? Have you noticed an improvement in your German-speaking? Funny how you've run into hoards of Eastman people, such a small world.

Have fun and I'll see you next semester! We are getting our Prokofiev on.