Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Michaela's Visit

Michaela came down to visit from Germany last week. We had an amazing time, and were able to really see a lot of the city, though, there is still so much. Some of the highlights of her visit were the Staatsoper (Barber of Seville), the Riesenrad (Vienna's famous old ferris wheel), tours through St. Stephen's Cathedral, Karlskirche, and an amazing day-trip to Graz. Here are a few of the pics!

The 2-hour train-ride through the Austrian counrtyside to Graz was absolutely astounding.

We climbed to the top of the "Schlossberg," a random hill/mountainish thing right in the middle of Graz. The view from the top was amazing!

(in Vienna)

St. Stephen's Cathedral
(Very important to pronounce it exactly like my last name...)
Possibly the most impressing structure I have ever seen in my life. It is near impossible to capture good photos of it, because it is so massive.

St. Stephen's is basically at very center of the entire city. We climbed the bell tour, and we also took the tour of the catacombs underneath the cathedral. We saw the tombs of all the Cardinals and Bishops, as well as the urns containing various organs of various members of the Habsburg dynasty. The most interesting, and freakiest, however, were the pits filled with bones, where they dumped the bodies of the 40,000 Vienese who perished as a result the last plague. Since then, in order to save space, many of the bones were at one point cleaned and neatly stacked like books in several other large stone rooms. Creepy...

The Riesenrad!

The Riesenrad is a ferris wheel that was built in 1896. The cars are massive! Like the size of a small train car. They fit about 15-20 people! It is in the Prater Park, which used to be directly across the street from my last building. I am now in a different one...and there will surely be more info to come on my new building...

I couldn't get this picture to straighten out... oh well.

Overall, it was an amazing visit. I can't wait to go and see her in Köln!!!

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